Weddings & Civil Partnerships

I will help you craft and create a very special ceremony for your big day. Each one of my ceremonies are individually written and I will begin this process from our first meeting. You may decide on a few words from me with a simple exchange of vows or you may wish to partake in beautiful traditions such as the exchange of rings or spiritual ceremonial traditions to create that special day you have always dreamed of.

If you chose the more conventional route for your big day, by going to a church or a registry office there are one or two thing to bear in mind due to the laws in the UK:

A registry office will not permit any religious or spiritual content within the service.

Some churches may not agree to take the blessings for same-sex couples and there would also be complications if you are of different faiths and would like to have a combination of different religious rituals included.

Time is another thing to consider, when hav ing a ceremony at a church or registry you are allocated a fixed time,  you may be charged more if you go over your allotted time.

My services have none of the above restrictions, you may chose any music, any vow and any religious or spiritual content you wish to have and I only do one wedding on any given day, I am at your disposal for as long as you would like me to be there.

Traditionally when couples got married there was an added gravitas to the proceedings by the very nature of being in a church. I can bring that same sense of occasion to your ceremony if you require it, from the style of service you chose to the type of venue you decide on.  There are some beautiful venues right here in Norfolk or you may chose to be on a tropical beach!

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