About Robin Watson

I am a Norfolk based Celebrant who conducts Weddings, Baby Naming Ceremonies, Vow Renewals and Funerals. I lost my own mother a few years ago and also some close friends over the years, so I know only too well how it feels to lose someone very close and can truly empathise with bereaved families. I became inspired to become a celebrant when I was asked to conduct the funeral of a friend, his widow knew what kind of service he would have wanted and felt I would convey the right atmosphere and feeling for his service. I subsequently completed my training in 2009 for both funerals and the happy celebrations mentioned above.

I now work regularly for funeral directors in Norfolk and I am finding it the most rewarding work I have ever done. In my twenties and thirties I trained and then worked as a professional actor and then later as an event manager, these skills come in very useful when working as a celebrant. The performing experience enhances my vocal delivery and phrasing of poems and readings, I’ll even recite a Shakespeare Sonnet if you require! And the skills I required for event management help to keep me organised!


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